The Shooting specialism is probably the better pick at level 1 and at level 2 the Lucky Hit tactic is worth consideration. Genestealer Cults have access to models form four different units, which gives them a decent mix of shooting- and melee-focused options. If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, well then the Genestealer Cults may be the Kill Team for you! On a 5+ that wound is not lost. Several Genestealer Cult Commanders have this ability, which allows you to get back the CP spent on the Look Out, Sir! Commander Tactic on a D6 roll of 2+. Genestealers also have a 5+ invulnerable save natively and 4 toughness so if you take them they immediately become some of the most durable models on your team, but they still only have 1 wound each. • This model may take toxin sacs and/or adrenal glands. Otherwise the Magus is an OK melee fighter and can be a Psyker specialist, which will usually be the correct play since it gives you more certainty in your tests and the option to double-cast Psybolt. Genestealer Cults Tactics are designed to complement their mobility and general sneakiness by offering short, sharp boosts to their offensive power – and shoring up their fragile defences. They don’t have enough tricks to make it into combat quickly to really make use of their melee prowess, and the lack of armor can make things challenging. The big one here is that any model may replace their autogun with a shotgun, trading out their 24″ Rapid Fire 1 S3 D1 gun for a 12″ Assault 2 gun that gets +1 strength at half range at no additional cost. Aberrants are your heavy hitters, even compared to purestrain Genestealers, and these guys can bring it. There’s no benefit for mixing Creeds. They can take a Cult Icon to re-roll hit rolls of 1 in the Fight phase, and it’s a worthwhile investment for making sure your rock saws/drills/cutters completely eviscerate anything they come in contact with. Hopefully that gives you everything you need to get started building and fielding Genestealer Cults kill teams. Genestealer cults are an army of Malformed human/Tyranid hybrids that dwell in the dark depths on man’s domain. You can give one a Cult Icon, which is a strong play, and that will likely be the one you want as one of your Combat/Zealot specialists. The Primus doesn’t have the Magus’ psychic powers, which is a real knock against him. One of the effects this will have on the host will be altering their very perception of reality itself. The Biophagus is a weird Commander choice. This weapon can be fired at models that are not visible to the bearer. They're fast with 8" of movement, re-roll 1's to hit, and can soak up a surprising amount of damage if your opponent is unlucky with those injury rolls. The terrifying psychic presence of the Hive Mind radiates from the synapse creature, flooding the minds of the Tyranids’ enemies and causing them to quail and panic. Warhammer 40K Tyranids Genestealer Cult Aberrants Kill Team. Well, you can’t really outshoot anyone, so…. Hive Fleet Hydra’s super-swarms overwhelm their prey with sheer weight of numbers, drowning them in a tide of chitin, flesh and slashing claws. Billions of lives are sacrificed upon the altar of war every day to keep the enem… CALL US NOW 10am - 5pm +44 028 700 247 40. What do you need to think about when building a Tyranid roster in kill team? The Metamorph whip is also a notable weapon option here because it allows you to fight on death in the Fight phase if you haven’t gotten a chance to make your attacks yet, which makes them a fun unit for screening and counter-charging opponents. If they’re shooty, you need to tie down their best shooters with charges. This won’t be enough to get you into a first-turn charge against any opponent who knows the score, but it’s a start. Tyranid / Genestealer Cult Kill Team Metal Dry Erase Datacards £15.00+ Loading In stock. Today we take a dip in the reclamation pool to find out how the Tyranids are going to function. They come with two pairs of Scything talons and 4 attacks base, which makes them solid blenders before changing weapons but tragically, no real ability to capitalize on this with toxin sacs. Your biggest challenge with Aberrants will be making sure they make it into combat. Dominion has a warp charge value of 4. If they’re fighty, you need to screen out their charges. Kill Team: Crasker Matterzhek Genestealer Cults Commander Set 5.0 out of 5 stars 1. 40k featured Genestealer Cults Kill Team kill team tactics Warhammer 40k, ©  2020 Goonhammer. The Iconward gives the team re-rolls on Nerve tests within 6″ and has the ability to power up an aura that lets models within 6″ ignore wounds, which can be a helpful bonus when stacked on top of the Bladed Cog’s cult creed ability. If a model already has an ability with a similar effect, you can choose which effect applies, and re-roll 1s when making these rolls. The Kraken harries and unbalances its foes with lightning-fast flanking attacks, before encircling them for the final, bloody massacre. As a melee-focused swarm, you’ll always have models to leave behind on objectives (your neophyte hybrids are ideal for this), but you’ll want to have a strategy for pushing your melee fighters forward while keeping them protected. The Magus gets to pick one power from the Discipline, while the Genestealer Patriarch doesn’t get any of them, and instead knows The Horror psychic power from the Tyranids’ Hive Mind discipline. Your basic, cheap infantry. • This model may replace its fleshborer with a devourer or spinefists. Credit: Corrode. Armed with three liberator Autostub pistols, it can dish out some serious pain at 12″ and the ability to give nearby units re-rolls of 1 to hit every time it takes out a model in the Shooting phase is a great free boost to have. Notably, two Carnifexes from different editions, 3rd and 4th, and three Hive Tyrants… As a faction, Genestealer Cults have in a way been the “poster boys” of Kill Team, showing up in multiple releases and featuring alongside Adeptus Mechanicus forces in the Kill Team box set. • This model may take a devourer, deathspitter or spinefists. Models in your kill team (other than models that can FLY) are considered to be obscured to enemy models that target them. Barbed strangler used in following datasheets: Fleshborer used in following datasheets: Impaler cannon used in following datasheets: Shockcannon used in following datasheets: Venom cannon used in following datasheets: Crushing claws used in following datasheets: Monstrous rending claws used in following datasheets: Adrenal Glands used in following datasheets: Extended Carapace used in following datasheets: Toxin Sacs used in following datasheets: This ability will add 1 to the Damage characteristic of the weapon being used for that attack. Always take an Acid maw on your first Genestealer in a list, and Flesh hooks on the second. They’re still significantly cheaper than Aberrants, but still pack a hell of a punch thanks to the ability to take Metamorph claws that give them a S6 punch. The re-roll 1s on Cult Ambush will do you the most good in a Cult of the Four-Armed Emperor kill team. Games Workshop sells the manual for that game a la carte for as little as $34.99 . Most of the time you’ll only be taking one Aberrant, but having the option to run the pair is nice. This model is armed with a pair of scything talons and a devourer. Increase that model’s Attacks characteristic by D3 until the end of the phase, but subtract 1 from hit rolls for that model’s attacks until the end of … $28.95. Games Workshop Warhammer 40k Tyranid: Termagant Brood (12) 4.9 out of 5 stars 43. Genestealer Cults kill teams can choose from one of six different Cult Creed subfaction traits that provide a free benefit, so long as every model in the kill team belongs to the same Cult Creed. It’s actually kind of baffling, given that Elites had nothing but new Commander choices for them. • This model may replace its scything talons with crushing claws or a lash whip and bonesword. tactic. ... Warhammer 40K Tyranids Genestealer Cult Sanctus. This model is armed with rending claws and scything talons. And on that note, it’s… well, only OK. A S4 AP-1 gun that does D3 damage and ignores long-range penalties and causes mortal wounds on hit rolls of 6+, with the added bonus of causing a Perils if it wounds a Psyker. As always, if you have any questions or feedback, drop us a note in the comments below or email us at [email protected] There are a few special rules that are specific to the Genestealer Cults and help them do their thing. They can also add Purestrain Genestealers from the Tyranids faction. Games Workshop Warhammer 40,000 Tyranid Hive Tyrant/Swarmlord The figures included COULD be built and assembled to make a team worth 96 points if they were all given Toxin Sacs. Sadly, Genestealer Cults are one of the game’s lower-tier factions. When a model in your kill team Advances, roll three D6 instead of one and pick the highest to add to the Move characteristic of that model for that Movement phase. In the denser terrain of kill team it should be easier to get them into combat before they die. VAT included (where applicable), plus postage. Genestealer Cults Neophyte Hybrids. In the beginning, a Genestealer will infiltrate a host population and infect their genetic code with some of their own. If a model has adrenal glands, add 1" to the distance it can move when it. Genestealer Cults kill teams can choose from one of six different Cult Creed subfaction traits that provide a free benefit, so long as every model in the kill team belongs to the same Cult Creed. There are some funny builds you can make with the Sanctus that either focus on damage output (Shooting specialism) or defense (Stealth). With tons of customization options and units to choose from, Genestealer Cults are a fun faction to work with. 0 0 items. The Horror has a warp charge value of 5. Role-wise, Acolyte Hybrids are weird in-betweeners: They’re worse at shooting than Neophytes due to their equipment limitations and they’re more expensive, and they’re slightly cheaper and arguably worse at melee combat than Hybrid Metamorphs unless you’re paying for the saw/drill weapon upgrades. If the model Advances or charges, however, it loses this benefit until the end of the battle round. By subscribing you confirm that you are over the age of 16 or have consent from your parent or guardian to subscribe. The Tyranids swarm across the galaxy in vast hive fleets, driven by a terrifying gestalt intelligence known as the Hive Mind. Surprisingly, I've found a one, just a one Genestealer. Pure, fast-paced combat where tactics matter more than brute strength, and every action matters. You can actually get a lot of Genestealers on the table (they are very cheap, same price as an Acolyte Hybrid in standard 40k) but at that point you might be better off running them as a Tyranid kill team since most of the Genestealer Cult tactics don't do anything for them and they don't get Cult Ambush. i think mine would look something like this: 1 zoanthrope-55pts 11 stock termagaunts- 55pts 3 raveners- … Seriously, out of the whole Kill Team roster, the kroot appear as the weakest list of them all. When attacking with this weapon, you must subtract 1 from the. The rock saw is probably the most useful heavy weapon here, with far less large, multi-wound models to deal with. The Genestealer Cult is baked into the rules for Kill Team. If you want these guys on your team, it’s worth keeping a Combat and Zealot flavor on your team so you can double up on threats and hopefully live the dream of one-shotting marines to death. The catch is that the real fighters of the group are capped at a maximum of 4 models, or else we might really have something going on.The other big difference between these guys and the Neophytes is equipment – Acolytes are able to take some of the heavy melee options like the heavy rock saw – but don’t have much of anything in the way of shooting attacks. ++ Kill Team List (Tyranids) [200pts] ++ I ran something similar, focusing on the Prime to boost shooting of my warriors and termagants. AU $82.15 + shipping . Enter your email to get the very latest - news, promotions, hobby tips and more from Games Workshop. The warrior-organisms of Hive Fleet Jormungandr attack from subterranean tunnels, making them extremely difficult to target until it is far too late. You can re-roll failed hit rolls for models from your kill team within 6" of that Tyranid Warrior in the Fight phase in this battle round. One of the two Psyker options for Genestealer Cults commanders, the Magus is the one that comes with all of the options. At 131 points in level 1 form, The Patriarch is essentially a super genestealer, sporting a 2+ WS, 4+ save (with a 5+ invulnerable), and a beefed-up statline. The toxins produced by Hive Fleet Gorgon’s swarm-creatures adapt with terrifying speed to any foe, agonising and ravaging the bodies of their unfortunate victims. I play Genestealer … Their weak armor and low toughness makes them relatively easy to pick off for most teams, but some teams that lack for high quantities of shooting like Death Guard kill teams might struggle to handle this. We’ve covered painting Genestealer Cults pretty extensively, including multiple unit types and vehicles. Keep picking off models and focusing on the melee threats first and you can pull ahead late-game. Popular . • This model may replace its devourer with a deathspitter, spinefists, rending claws, boneswords, a pair of scything talons or a lash whip and bonesword. Credit: Corrode. There’s very little that the Genestealer Patriarch won’t shred in melee combat, and with the Unquestioning Loyalty ability, you can use Neophytes to protect him on the move (just be careful not to outrun your coverage using his 8″ Movement stat). Comment on the article's talk page. This article is bad and may or may not require deleting. This can be a huge boost to your melee strategy, and in a Cult of the Four-Armed Emperor kill team, makes it much more dependable rule to plan around. This means their primary use is taking advantage of missions and scenarios that reward you for either having cheap extra models who can sit back and occupy objectives, or games where controlling doors is a big deal. They can replace their power picks with power hammers, which makes them particularly dangerous as glass cannons – Even with the damage reduction and 4 Toughness, they only have a 5+ save, but the hammers give them a Strength 10, 3-damage swing that will wreck anyone’s day. A model with an extended carapace has a Save characteristic of 4+ but loses the Swift and Deadly ability. A whole new way to play games with your Warhammer 40,000 miniatures, this standalone two-player game puts you in charge of small bands of warriors, and gives y… Built using WordPress, Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), The Goonhammer Interview with James M Hewitt, Part 3: Necromunda and Needy Cat Games, How to Paint Everything: Genestealer Cults, incredibly official Goonhammer store on RebBubble, Neophyte Leader (6 points) w/Bolt Pistol, Chainsword,Â, Hybrid Metamorph (11 points) w/Hand Flamer, Metamorph Whip, Rending Claw,Â, Neophyte Gunner (6 points) w/Heavy Stubber,Â. The Clamavus is another fragile force multiplier Commander. The heavy rock saw and drill are still notable here because of the sheer damage they can put out and their ability to cut through armor, but like everything else in the faction, you’ll need a good mix of luck and skill to get them into combat with anything they’d take out of commission. Recently reintroduced into the 40k universe at the end of 7th edition, Genestealer Cults represent the vanguard forces of the Tyranid Hive Fleets, corrupted cults of humans infected by Genestealers and driven to propagate the cult’s message and spread its influence until they are large enough to cripple the planet’s defenses when the Hive Fleets arrive. Until the start of the next Psychic phase, that model must subtract 1 from their hit rolls and Leadership characteristic. Do you have more than two arms? This opens you up to some novel horde strategies where you are running a mass of shotgun-wielding neophytes who throw out silly amounts of S4 firepower once they get within 6″ of their targets. Arena is a completetly different game in Kill Team. Though you can opt to swap out this ability for a 4+ save instead. You can re-roll hit rolls in the Fight phase for attacks made by models in your kill team that target an enemy model that is within 1" of another model in from your kill team. The Kill Team Starter Set includes two Kill Teams and all the accessories you will need to run them: the Adeptus Mechanicus, made up of Skitarii warriors dedicated to the machine god, and the Genestealer Cults, Imperial citizens who have given over to an alien lifeform and worship them, along with baring the benefits of its mutation. Absolutely terrifying in Kill Team, Genestealers are capable of hiding in cover before shredding enemies with their rending talons. Until the start of the next Psychic phase, that model ignores its Instinctive Behaviour ability and automatically passes Nerve tests. Rending claws used in following datasheets: Scything talons used in following datasheets: The INFANTRY keyword is used in following Tyranids datasheets: Grasping talons used in following datasheets: Spinefists used in following datasheets: Deathspitter used in following datasheets: Boneswords used in following datasheets: Lash whip and bonesword used in following datasheets: The TYRANIDS and PSYKER keywords are used in following Tyranids datasheets: Heavy weapons are the biggest and deadliest guns on the battlefield, but require reloading, careful set-up or bracing to fire at full effect. While their unit selection is a bit wonky, Genestealer Cults have been well-loved and well-supported by Kill Team with Tactics, and so didn’t receive any new tactics in the 2019 Kill Team Annual. I'm personally excited about this concept. This model is armed with a pair of scything talons. You have a few different combat-focused specialism options for the Patriarch, but the Fortitude specialism is probably your best play here, both for the level 1 6+ ignore wounds roll, and the ability to help keep models on the table with the Pain is for the Weak! Tactic. You can't buy your own item. • This model may replace its devourer with a deathspitter, scything talons, spinefists, boneswords, rending claws, or a lash whip and bonesword. If manifested, select an enemy model within 18" of, and visible to, the psyker. Hive Fleet Leviathan’s synaptic network is so strong that its organisms can be compelled by the Hive Mind to fight in spite of injuries that should have crippled or slain them outright. Genestealer Cults Clamavus. They’re arguably a better deal than Purestrain Genestealers for the point cost. Use this Tactic when a TYRANID WARRIOR from your kill team finishes a charge move within 1" of any enemy models. In addition, models in your kill team that are within 6" of a friendly SYNAPSE model do not suffer the penalty to their hit rolls from one flesh wound they have suffered. If you’re taking him, consider giving him the Fortitude specialism, so he can further stack durability buffs on nearby models. For example, a model with toxin sacs makes a, Use this Tactic when a model from your kill team loses a wound in the, Use this Tactic when a model from your kill team is taken, Use this Tactic after a model from your kill team shoots in the, Use this Tactic at the beginning of the battle round, if, Use this Tactic when you choose a model from your kill team to shoot with in the. Do you enjoy plotting the downfall of civilization from your secret lair beneath the city streets? Driven by a frenzied hunger, Hive Fleet Behemoth unleashes the full might of its swarms in an overwhelming frontal assault. Kill Team is bringing 16 factions to the skirmish scale game and Games Workshop is previewing how each will work. Hi all, I find myself needing to build a kill team list and wanted to build around hive guards with their ignore line of sight. What Neophytes have that Guardsmen don’t however is a much more varied selection of weapon options. These combine to make the Nexos a very serviceable Commander choice that you’ll want to hide (good news is he has the Unquestioning Loyalty ability), but who can act as a potent force multiplier. You can unsubscribe at any time. AU $19.16 + shipping. If you wanted to go to level 2 for Hard to Kill, that’s also not a bad strategy, given how much plasma this guy will eat otherwise (though at 151 points, you are now firmly in 200-point game territory and making the Primarch your whole team). From the dark depths and shadowy streets emerge the Genestealer Cultists, malformed figures united by a sinister worship of inscrutable star-born entities. It is worth noting that the Kelermorph lacks Unquestioning Loyalty, so it’ll cost you to protect the Kelermorph. Otherwise, the Kill Team boxed set comes with a squad of Neophytes, and the basic kits you can buy for Genestealer Cults give you a ton of options to work with. Free delivery for many products! Credit: That Gobbo. Plus his 5+ invulnerable save is nothing to sneeze at. Their only goal is to devour all biomass in their path and use it to fuel the spawning of fresh waves of horrific xenos war-beasts to unleash upon the next world they invade. You can re-roll wound rolls of 1 in the Fight phase for attacks made by models in your kill team. Do you plot to spread propaganda about the sky god to anyone who will listen? What he does have however, is a pretty good statline for fighting, with the the Needle Pistol and Toxin Injector claw always wounding on a 2+, and at 28 points in his level 1 form, he’s not a massive drain on your roster. This model is armed with two pairs of scything talons. The Locus is a melee-focused Commander with a hefty price tag (66 points in level 1 configuration) who can do some damage, but isn’t really worth the cost investment compared to your other Commander options. Genetealer Cults Acolyte Iconward. The way they execute war on others is the stuff of nightmares. Neophyte Gunner (9 points), w/Mining Laser, Hybrid Metamorph (11 points) w/ Hand Flamer, Metamorph Claw, Neophyte Gunner (9 points) w/ Mining Laser. • This model may take toxin sacs and/or an extended carapace. Like Imperial Guardsmen, they’re unlikely to kill much and they’re also unlikely to survive other things trying to hurt them. Neophytes also have access to all of the Genestealer Cults’ best shooting weapons, including the mining laser and seismic cannon, but most of the time you’ll find these disappointing due to the limitations of BS 4+. Tyranids are adaptable organisms that feel the need to feed. 2 offers from $49.99. I'm still a bit on the fence regarding Aberrants. • This model may replace its scything talons with rending claws, boneswords or a lash whip and bonesword. Warhammer 40k Tyranid Hive Tyrant . Re-roll unmodified hit rolls of 1 in the Shooting phase for models in your kill team if they have not moved in this battle round. You can re-roll charge rolls for models in your kill team.

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