200g Nagaimo Yam: 400g Cabbage: 1/4 tsp Salt: 1/4 tsp Soy Sauce: Ingredient C. 1 tbsp Cooking Oil: 6 pcs Sliced Pork Belly: Ingredient D. 2 tbsp Okonomiyaki Sauce: 2 tbsp Mayonaise: 10g Green Seaweed Aonori: 10g Dried Bonito Flakes: 3 sprigs Spring Onion: Nutritional information. Nagaimo is one of them, also know as Chinese Mountain Yam (山药 Shan Yao, or 淮山 Huai Shan. Peel the nagaimo to remove the outer skin, then rinse and make slices of about 0.5 inch thickness. Carb. Protein. Photo about popular japanese traditional food, in soy sauce. Foods that are nutritious without being filling are considered better choices for healthy weight gain. A lot of people have never heard of yamaimo and might even be turned off by its slimy texture. It is sometimes called Chinese potato or by its Japanese name nagaimo. Do not over-mix. The Japanese eats this without cooking. Yamberries on the Chinese Yam - Duration: 4:54. Yamaimo is also called Japanese mountain yam, and is very similar to nagaimo (also known as Chinese Yam). While there are many popular roots used in Japanese cooking including Kabu (turnip), Jagaimo (potato), Satoimo (taro root), Nagaimo (yam), Renkon (lotus root), Gobo (burdock root), Ninjin (carrot), Tamanegi (onion) and Shoga (ginger), perhaps none are as popular as the Daikon (giant white radish) and Satsumaimo (sweet potato). Place the raw slices in a sealed plastic bag with the pepper and herbs and gently move the herbs around. Shimbo, Hiroko. Product of China. Nagaimo seems to add more heft to the okonomiyaki batter, giving it a little bit more saveur. 10g. It differs by region and this authentic recipe is the well known and mouth-watering Osaka okonomiyaki. Plant: This kind of yam is the swollen rhizome. It can be eaten raw with soy sauce or grated over rice or soba noodles. 282. Here is Japan 3,975 views. Tororo rice ★Japanese nagaimo recipe in one's home - Duration: 2:00. Nagaimo. 1–2 weeks. Peel and cut into slices (about ½ inch thickness). Yams long predated potatoes in Japanese cuisine. The vine is purple, the leaf is heart shape with a long pointed tip. Nagaimo Asian Mountain Yam (Dioscorea polystachya) 3 lb Grown organically Learn more about this item Loading Ready to ship in. It is a perennial climbing vine, native to China and East Asia. Kewpie Mayonnaise (Japanese Mayonnaise) Bonito Flakes (Katsuobushi) Seaweed Flakes (Aonori) Red Pickled Ginger; Tempura Bits (Tenkasu) To make it even easier, you can purchase this Okonomiyaki Kit on Amazon that has the first 5 items from the list above. Choosing Nagaimo. Arhize Corporation. Please enter a valid zip code Ships from Lexington, KY View shop policies Meet your sellers. The Japanese have enjoyed it as both a treat and a health food since ancient times. 8 oz nagaimo Japanese mountain potato; 1 tbsp herbes de Provence; 1 tsp ground pepper; hot sauce to taste; US Customary – Metric. In my quest to provide some excitement and interest when my health has made a lot of things difficult, I'm experimenting with cooking with totally new vegetables. Typically used in Japanese dishes. Please try again. The last time we were at a local Asian market, my 12 year old daughter pointed at this long tan vegetable with hairs (roots) sprouting off of it and asked "what's that?" It is also known to help reduce high blood pressure, regulate digestion and relieve fatigue. Okonomiyaki is a Japanese savoury pancake. 14g. 2:00. Yamaimo and nagaimo have long been considered healthy. Instructions . A healthy meal with simple vegetarian or vegan options. David The Good 7,886 views. Applications Yamaimo root is often used as a binder in noodle dishes or made into tororo paste. You can put just about anything in the Japanese pancake; we opted for cabbage, carrots, scallions, grated Chinese yam (nagaimo), and Japanese … NUTRITION DATA'S OPINION Nutrition Data awards foods 0 to 5 stars in each of three categories, based on their nutrient density (ND Rating) and their satiating effect (Fullness Factor™). In a large bowl, whisk together eggs, flour, broth, nagaimo and salt. Zip or postal code. Mountain yams take on a gluey, almost mucilaginous consistency when they're grated. Let’s take a closer look at these two staples of Japanese cuisine. Soak nagaimo in a vinegar diluted water for 1 minute. There are other mountain yams, such as icho-imo, yamamot-imo, tsukune-imo. Although it is similar to a sweet potato, they are not related. The slimy slurp effect is so satisfying. The defining feature of the nagaimo is that, unlike other yams, it’s safe to eat nagaimo … Another example of pumping up a food with nagaimo is adding tororo to okonomiyaki (Japanese savory pancake). Sugar. Language Notes . Nagaimo appetizer with Motoko’s spicy wasabi soy sauce This nagaimo appetizer with Motoko’s spicy wasabi soy sauce is made of small bite-size pieces of the Japanese mountain potato (yam) and topped with parsley. Calories. Owner of ArhizeFarm. Store in fridge in plastic bag for up to 3 days. You may have seen these long, light-skinned, and hairy roots at your Japanese or Chinese markets and wondered about their relation to other kinds of tubers. Nagaimo or Wai San is a type of mountain yam with hairy skin. 23g. See more ideas about Yams, Recipes, Food. Cover and refrigerate both sauces until needed. It is long, cylindrical and resistant to low temperatures. I’m okay but some people may get an allergic reaction, so you can wear a kitchen glove to grate or wash your hands quickly. [Japan] YAMAKAKE literally translates into, "Japanese mountain potato covered soba". Country. Jan 21, 2020 - Explore Tonette DeGioia's board "Ingredient: Chinese yam, Nagaimo" on Pinterest. Get shipping cost. Yam is the common name for some plant species in the genus Dioscorea (family Dioscoreaceae) that form edible tubers. Sodium. Place on a steaming tray, sprinkle a little bit of salt and steam for 2 … 7g. The nagaimo is sometimes referred to as "mountain medicine" and is used for medical purporses in Chinese medicine. Naga-imo is a kind of mountain yam, the tuberous root of a climbing vine. The rhizome is cylindrical in shape. This vegetable has been elaborately described below. Find Japanese Vegetable Nagaimo Chinese Yam Korean stock images in HD and millions of other royalty-free stock photos, illustrations and vectors in the Shutterstock collection. It functions as a storage organ that holds nutrient for the plant. Print Pin Rate. The Vines of this plant is almost 3 meters long. 570. Nagaimo is a classic accompaniment to zarusoba (cold soba). Storage Hints. Nutrition. Foods that are both nutritious and filling are considered better choices for weight loss. Dozens of nutrients. Nagaimo What you see on the label at the Farmer's Market: Kanji: 長芋 Hiragana: ながいも Katakana: ナガイモ Seasonal Harvesting Period: Summer-Autumn The Basics: Nagaimo is a type of yam in Japan, sometimes called 'yamanoimo' or 'yamaimo' or mountain potato/yam. Its common vernacular names are nagaimo (long potato), mountain yam, Chinese yam and Japanese yam. Yams are perennial herbaceous vines cultivated for the consumption of their starchy tubers in many temperate and tropical regions, especially in Africa, South America and the Caribbean, Asia, and Oceania. Unlike the common yam, it can be used raw, lending its crunchy texture to sushi, sashimi and salads. In the Edo Period (1603-1868) the yamaimo was considered to be an aphrodisiac, and … It’s no wonder Aomori-grown nagaimo is so popular in Japan, where it is harvested in both spring and fall. Total Fat. Vegetarian Okonomiyaki. 2013/02/01 - Rice au gratin with spinach and Japanese mountain yam ("nagaimo"). In Japanese, the name “Yamaimo” comes from the word “yame” for mountain, and “imo” meaning “potato.” Sources. I think it tastes good after cooking. Nagaimo / Yamaimo: It’s a Japanese long yam (nagaimo) or mountain yam (yamaimo) and I think it’s the most important ingredient so your okonomiyaki won’t be a doughy pancake. Yamaimo is an underground tuber, which botanically belongs to the Dioscoreaceae family. The edible tubers are cultivated largely in Asia and sometimes used in alternative medicine. There was a problem calculating your shipping. The nagaimo (長芋、ながいも), or Dioscorea opposita, is also known as the Chinese yam or Korean yam. It may help lower cholesterol levels and acts as a tonic for general vitality. Yamaimo is also a preferable vegetable to tempura. 4.75 from 40 votes. You will need to grate the yam. The Japanese kitchen: 250 recipes in a traditional spirit. Thousands of new, high-quality pictures added every day. Nutrition Facts. This species of yam is unique as the tubers can be eaten raw. It is very similiar to sweet potato. Even through the tuber is well known, few people have seen the plant and the leaves. Picture 1 – Chinese Yam. Chinese Yam calories for 720g (1item medium) is 468Cal at 65Cal per 100g serving size, rich in Potassium and Copper, Chinese Yam (Potatoes / Starch) is also known as Nagaimo, and has a diet rating of 2.5, 2.5 for filling, and 2.5 for nutritional value. Find Japanese Root Vegetable Nagaimo Yam On stock images in HD and millions of other royalty-free stock photos, illustrations and vectors in the Shutterstock collection. the buckwheat flour noodles are served in a dashi stock and soy sauce flavored broth with the One nagaimo. The juice is an irritant to some people’s skin, so wearing gloves is often suggested. Image of meal, china, delicious - 106966442 Image of meal, china, delicious - 106966442 Stock Photos Fresh nagaimo have a smooth, flawless surface. The tuber has a creamy texture and is not sweet. Chinese Yam Description. Follow this easy savoury pancake recipe and also make your own okonomiyaki sauce, or simply purchase it from a local store. This is a tuber known for great nutrition value. The first kanji is “long”; the second is best read as “yam”. In Japanese it is known as ‘nagaimo’. 4:54 . Once, you have the ingredients, making these Japanese cabbage pancakes is easy. When in season, they can be found in Asian Supermarket - Ranch 99, and Japanese Supermarkets - Nijiya and … Add shrimp, onions and cabbage and mix until cabbage is evenly coated in batter. Prepare Japanese-Style Mayonnaise: In a second small bowl, combine all ingredients. Thousands of new, high-quality pictures added every day. Nagaimo is a Japanese/Korean yam, not a person. I hope you have fun trying this nagaimo appetizer, and other nagaimo recipes, such as the fries! With these tips, you can enjoy it as something entirely new and delicious to add to your menu. There is plenty of nutrients in Nagaimo and you should really check them out. Range.

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