All I needed was a small piece of "tin" cut from a pepsi can, and a short length of multi-strand copper wire. Have the time and the money to spend doing what I want to do. Dec 18, 2018 - DIY Needle Threader: It’s always a feeling of great accomplishment to look at something, have that thought, and actually be able to follow through. And what do you use to cut the lines in the tin? Place glue on both pieces of your punched paper, on the cardboard side (you want the pretty paper facing out) and then line up your wire piece so that the stem is in the glue and the triangle sticks out from the base of the shape. I simplified further by stopping at step one. I don't know if I'm just really dumb, but this was much harder than I thought it would be. 7.2cm / 2.83" Diameter: (approx.) One side will be cardboard and one will have your paper (see image above). Great hack. I used wire cutters, wire stripper, small pliers, etc. A small but significant problem had while sewing is threading the needle. I reached for them, then stopped, caught up in the brilliant idea that I could engineer something myself that looked much the same. 61 sold. This is such a simple and just stinking obvious solution to the problem of tired eyes V needle threading! 6. ... I’ve never even thought of creating my own needle threader…this is a great tut and one that I’ll certainly try. This way I always have a lot of spares at my fingertips. The wonderful thing about Facebook is that it allows us to share ideas in a great way where both Lion Brand staff and other Lion Brand fans can benefit. Great. The thread goes completely through the pinhole. Share it with us! I made a special little project just for today. 50 Pieces Plastic Wire Loop DIY Needle Threader If you are looking for a set of excellent needle threaders, then the Wiz Bir DIY Needle Threader can be an ideal option for you. yes Marie, it y works, but as the comments suggest you don't really need to attach the wires to the piece of "tin". Thanks! With your paper punch, cut out two piece from the thin cardboard and the scrapbook paper. As it is my first, I hope it is clear. If it breaks, I simply bend out another strand. Great idea! Especially as you get up in years, and the eyes are not what they "should" be, when you are tired late at night but have a project that absolutely has to get done, it just ge… This shaped piece has two parallel lines cut in it to hold the wire in place. Are you ready? You want the wire when bent in two to be able to go through the eye of the needle. Our fan Kathi posted this unique tip for making your own heavy duty needle threader. While I was shopping the other day I came across some adorable needle threaders. I love making things and sharing how with people. I hope t…. I … To begin with, the time saver of them all, the automatic needle threader. So I came up with the idea of using the strands of wire found in regular electrical cord. It is fully equipped with features needed, making it very effective. I've been trying to make a needle threader for a long time, but couldn't find wire thin enough. .3mm Beading Wire While I was shopping the other day I came across some adorable needle threaders. Just brilliant! And all this time that stranded wire was staring me in the face! 6 years ago I made my threaders from supplies I already owned with the exception of the beading wire. ? Here is a simple solution, helps to save the sanity and lessen that frustration! » DIY Needle Threaders | a blog about making, photography & travel. While I was shopping the other day I came across some adorable needle threaders. Supplies: Paper Punch This is copper, of course, and is rather fragile in individual strands, but the threading process does not put much stress on the wire at all. Popular . Insert the threader into a punch needle 3. I left the insulation on, (about 2 inches) and stripped about an inch of wire. 6. Head over to Wild Olive to see the full how-to! 1. I can't believe I missed it.Five stars for you! It’s always a feeling of great accomplishment to look at something, have that thought, and actually be able to follow through. Woo! She will appreciate it, I'm sure! Needle Threader with Bright LED Light Makes Threading Easy to See (Orange, Quantity One) Was: $4.29. Clover needle threader. AU $7.29. Slide the thread into the threader 2. Ann says: June 8, 2014 at 8:49 am. 8. 2. Why wouldn't an image be shown that does include the tin holder? 4 years ago. What kind of thread are you using? Filed Under: DIY FYI, Embroidery, Sewing Tagged With: crafting, crafts, diy fyi, how to thread a needle, needle, needle threader, Sewing, thread a needle, threading a needle About Heidi Heidi Gustad is a knitting, crochet and crafts designer. Wire Bending Tool Step Six: Prerna Scarf – … $0.59 shipping. It's a simple, inexpensive device that's quick and easy to use. on Introduction. 4.0 out of 5 stars 1,430 ratings. 60pcs Stainless Steel Needle Threader Embroidery Cross Stitch Needle Threader Sewing Needlework Needle-Threading Tools for Large Eye Needles Hand DIY Sewing with Clear Box CDN$ 12.99 CDN$ 12 . Step One: I love it and it doesn't look that hard to make but yet it is beautiful. You can cut longer or shorter depending on the look you are going for, but I found this size to be the best for bending easily. on Introduction, That is really cute! TYSM for the direction on what size wire to use! Today marks the day I make my very first tutorial. 2. project: diy needle threader We have this fun calendar with crazy days and holidays listed, and imagine my delight when I saw Thread the Needle Day was coming up. $3.86. $2.54. This till give you a tight bond and keep the wire from moving around, potentially slipping out from between the two pieces. Bend your piece in half and use your wire bender to crimp that end into a point. It can be holding the sewing machine needle while inserting into the machine. It is a standalone device that rests solidly on any table or flat surface near your work area. What's going on in the first pic of step 4? Sometimes I need one of these, especially when using embroidery floss or when it's late at night. Also in step 4, "note that the little tin holder is not used here." Those would make wonderful gifts! 8 years ago Jofefe 60Pcs Stainless Steel Needle Threader Embroidery Cross Stitch Needle-Threading Tools for Large Eye Needles Hand DIY Sewing with Clear Box 4.5 out of 5 stars 73 $4.99 And note that the little tin holder is not used here. Needle full length: Approximately 4.5 / 4.6 / 4.7cm How to use: 1. The manual spring loaded needle threader … In the pics in step 4, I can't tell which is the wire and which is the thread. And here it is! Thank you! yes, it took me quite a while to get it to work in a small needle, then i did it by making sure the loop was very fine and pointy and in good lighting. Great & simple idea ! I needed a very small gauge wire for this project, and the smallest I had was 30gauge would go through some of the larger needles, but not the smallest. To use a needle threader, start by holding the threader in your dominant hand and a needle in your other hand. If I knew where to get this wire, I think you will have solved the threader problem for the kit. 4. I bend out one strand of wire and put the loop in it. works ok, but the fine wire comes out pretty easily; very inexpensive; easy to find, even mending kits in hotels or dollar stores often include this type of threader . 9 years ago Approach the needle eye with the pinched thread tip as shown below. Step Four: It’s featured with 6 stretch stitches, 6 basic stitches, one buttonholes stitch and 19 decorative stitches. I'll bet these are much better than the bought ones. 5. Did you make this project? Your options for threading a sewing needle have never looked brighter. If sewing is your passion but you feel you might as well as be trying to get a camel through the eye of your needle as a thread, this handy gadget can help remove that stress and frustration.Suitable for both small and large needles.This automatic needle threader may be useful for people with limi 6. The lighted needle threader looks like a useful accessory to own and very cheap in the USA but here in the UK they cost £6.47 for 1 at Amazon which as you say is expensive for a small item, you have got a bargain at 3 for $4.95. DIY Needle Threader Inserter Wire Bow Type Strong Aluminum Sewing Tools 10 Pcs. The Desk Needle Threader is the absolute easiest way to thread hand sewing needles. Hemline Hummingbird Best Needle Threader for Hand Sewing. DIY Wine Cork Needle Threader (Or My First Tutorial) Happy Saturday to you! If not, you'll need to bend it back in place. Beading wire is harder to form into a shape which helps when threading a needle because it will retain its shape when you pull it back through the eye, unlike thicker gauges that get smooshed. The lines are parallel to what? on Introduction. I am having a difficult time to get the wire small enough to fit through the eye of the needle and the wire breaks trying to thread the floss through the eye. You should have four pieces when completed. A needle threader! Make Your Own Needle Threader: A small but significant problem had while sewing is threading the needle. I know I have a mess of bell wire I'm trying to repurpose, but I'm sure that's still too thick after stripping it. Reply Of course there are the commercial threaders, not very expensive, but if you are like me, we misplace them, can't find it when needed, etc. Did you make this project? Much simpler than trying to "hit the eye of the needle!". What a fun little thing to make for people :), Reply Use the binder clips to put pressure on your two halves. Unfortunately, this task can sometimes be frustrating. With the Singer 3232 the automatic needle threader machine makes it ideal for beginners. I … Thanks for the comment. I kept messing up stuff: cutting out too small a piece of the can; cutting parallel lines that were way too big (so they just kept ripping through to the edge); breaking the wire because apparently the thread I was using was too thick (I was using DMC floss, which is very common and is six small threads twisted into one); I had to split the DMC floss into two separate 'strands' because the six-stranded floss was too thick to be pulled through the eye of the needle (which has a fairly large eye); among other mistakes.I don't want to be overly critical or mean or anything, but following these instructions for this project made me feel wicked stupid. on Introduction. The thread is completely pulled out. To make a Button Needle Threader you will need: 2 buttons of the same size - you want buttons that have a flat back. shipping: + AU $1.15 shipping . 6 years ago The pictures show this process. 100x Silver Tone Wire Loop DIY Needle Threader Stitch Insertion Hand Machine Sewing Tool Visit the GREEN FABWOOD Store. DINGJIN Top 20 Pcs Automatic Needle Threader Thread Guide Device, Assorted Colors. A needle threader is a device that can assist a person in putting their sewing thread through the eye of their needle. 1cm / 0.39" Features The threader can help you thread the sewing machine easier and enhance your efficiency. What's going on in picture 2 of step 4? Using the rubber cement affix the scrapbook papers to their cardboard counter parts. DIY Needle Threader: It’s always a feeling of great accomplishment to look at something, have that thought, and actually be able to follow through. This helps give you something to grip when threading. Then, insert the wire loop on the threader through the eye of the needle. look on my face. : ), Very nice! l find that if l put some glue on both sides of the shop bought needle threaders, where the wire is crimped onto the metal holder, that they last a lot longer, the wire does not pull out but will eventually break but it does extend the life of the threader. Is it an unthreaded needle and a needle threaded with a very short piece of thread? 5. 8 years ago DIY Needle Threader. I … Feb 2, 2017 - DIY Needle Threader: It’s always a feeling of great accomplishment to look at something, have that thought, and actually be able to follow through. Thanks!! Time for something a little different. Step Eight: How do you secure the wire ends through/to the parallel lines? 1. Here she is! AU $8.23. Tutorial - How to Make a Needle Threader Make threading needles easier with a custom tool Posted by Thread Bare in cross-stitching on Aug 27, 2017. The good news is, we’ve got a new Dritz® LED needle threader … Once it’s fully dried you have a reusable needle threader! I try my hand at nearly every craft I can get my hands on and discover, daily, new passions and interests. Was: $2.67. Think I will make a "handle" out of epoxy plumbers putty. AU $6.63. Well, it's late and my brain will not focus on the stranded wire idea. Step Two: A needle threader. 19 Turbo Glue (or any other tough crafting glue) Free shipping. Step Five: Pull out the line 7. DIY needle threader I am trying to make my own needle threader for my Ultra Punch using 28 gauge wire with disastrous results. My wife's insulin needles are 32 gauge and fits through a #14 sewing machine needle with no problem. Needle threaders are very inexpensive, you might even find them in a complimentary hotel sewing kit. About: Retired, doing art work now. 2. October 20, 2009-Lindsey. Reply A strong glue - I used Fix and Flash from Bostik. 99 CDN$ 5.15 for shipping & import fees deposit About a half inch down from the fold point create two more creases so that your piece creates a triangle with overlapping ends. Method #4- Needle Threader. I think I'll adapt this a little & make beaded threaders. If you do any form of needlework then you’re going to be threading needles … a lot. What is "30gauge nichrome"? While I was shopping the other day I came across some adorable needle threaders. 5 years ago This little threader has a spring loaded mechanism that pushes the thread through the needle. 5Pcs Sewing Machine Insertion Needle Threader Applicator Handle Thread Tools us. Let dry fully. Simply insert the wire end of the needle threader into the eye of your needle. Needle Threader Stitch Home DIY Insertion Tool For Sewing Machine Needle Thread. While I was shopping the other day I came across some adorable needle threaders. on Introduction. I'd really like to put a "fan" of the wires sticking out of the insulation in an emergency sewing kit I'm making to sell at our church craft fair. Thin Cardboard (another use for that recycled cardboard!) Now I can have as many as I want and always have one handy. Sure, you can buy a ready-made needle threader, but this DIY needle threader from Mollie at Wild Olive is just so much cuter! If you’ve ever bought a sewing kit or a pack of needles, it has likely come with one of these handy little needle threaders. Scissors. Free shipping. Tiiduo 30PCS Needle Threader, Colorful Wire Loop DIY Needle Threaders Hand Machine Sewing Tool and 30PCS Assorted Sizes Hand Sewing Needles for Sewing Crafting with Clear Box 5.0 out of 5 stars 1 £4.19 £ 4 . If your needle threader has stopped working, check to make sure that the hook is lining up with the eye of the needle. Holding your thumb on the point where your wire crosses twist your ended around each other to form one stem. BWIN 30pcs Plastic Wire Loop DIY Needle Threader Stitch Insertion Hand Machine Sewing Tool. True mine are not made from plastic, but with my access to the Dallas Makerspace that could certainly change as new ideas form. I'm just going to repair all the threaders I ripped the wire off of! 3. Depending on the type of needle you’re threading, its eye can be small and difficult to see. I have the day off today, and Dave is working, so that means I’ve got lots of free time to work on my projects. 9. I reached for them, then stopped, caught … 7. If you’re a sewist or a quilter, threading hand sewing needles just goes with the territory. This “pinch the tip’” method will work for all types of threads: bonded, unbonded, cotton, polyester, nylon, kevlar, teflon, etc. What size needle are we talking? So I just keep some strands of wire in my sewing box, and if I need them, they are easy to find. thanks. And I'm not going to bother with step 5.I worked on this project for two hours. Needle Threader Options . thanks, eyes get tired and I see 4 holes! Made a little hook on the end with some jewelers needle nose pliers, works like a charm!

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